We are a chiropractic office.

We have been in Sierra Madre for thirty-five years.  In that time, we have seen whole families grow up, generations of people we've cared for and about.  It has been a privilege, one that has taught us so much as we have served the community.

Our approach is one acknowledging the depth of the body-mind connection.  Our physical bodies cannot be separated from our mental processes; thought and form interrelate and coalesce creating health,  what we call "willness," the choice to appreciate and create wholeness and vibrancy.

Who are we?

"We" are two:  Dr. John Talevich, D.C. and Cathlyne Talevich, Physio-synthesis Instructor.

Dr. John Talevich

Dr. Talevich is a chiropractor licensed in California and Washington.  His emphasis is on dialogue-based practice wherein both doctor and patient enjoy equal footing.  To that end, he has developed a number of different methods for accessing and evaluating the patient's needs and  condition over his years in practice.  This may include standard lab testing and radiographic studies, along with procedures to identify and correct patient-specific stress patterns.

A former faculty member at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic (now the Southern California University of the Health Sciences) and with experience as a staff clinician at Instituto di Statico in Milan, Italy, Dr. John brings both an understanding of the body's structure and function as well as an appreciation of the unique mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that contribute to well being.  His Inner Vacation and Bootcamp wellness programs have been offered through Pasadena City  College and in his own clinic.

Dr. Talevich has practiced meditation and mindfulness for over forty-five years and has traveled to India to further his appreciation of the roots of these traditions.  He has also had the good fortune to have been mentored by teachers from the Native American traditions and has spent much of his adult life involved in the sweat lodge (inipi), vision quest (hanblecheya) and the medicine wheel.  These ceremonies have frequently been incorporated in workshops done through his office.

As a working artist, Dr. Talevich has shared his art in a number of shows in California, Washington, Colorado and Pennsylvania.  He especially enjoys designing art forms for group participation and has offered them to several colleges, schools, businesses, and families.  He continues to create events such as life mask and mandala workshops both in his clinic and at sponsored venues.

Dr. Talevich is an absolute believer that creativity is the source of healing and that each person comes into life with unique ways of expressing it.  It is his passion and life's work to help people recover and discover these gifts.


Cathlyne Talevich

Admittedly, very few have ever heard of physio-synthesis.  Cathlyne has been involved in learning and teaching this technique for thirty-five years.  Created by Dr. Amy Cochran, D.O. and developed by Dr. Lucille Coughran, D.C., physio-synthesis is a technique grounded in balance principles and movements.  It is not a series of exercises, but an approach to body alignment and balance that is taught over several weeks and utilized in everyday movement.

Cathlyne studied with Dr. Lucille over the span of seventeen years, until Dr. Lucille's passing.  Physio-synthesis helped so tremendously with her own misalignment that Cathlyne chose to study this work as a teacher and has been happily offering it ever since.  She has worked with the very young and the very old, musicians, dancers, pregnant mothers-to-be, scientists, teachers, athletes...anyone needing help in correcting painful postural patterns.

Physio-synthesis is a powerful technique for correcting bone, joint and muscle imbalances and the resulting pain. It is a wonderful training to undertake. Once studied and applied, one has a lifelong tool for strength and vitality.

Cathlyne has been working in the office now for twenty-five years with this technique.  She also co-creates art forms and workshops with Dr. John, loves to write newsletters, and (when forced) does the bookkeeping.  One has to make allowances.


We are available for appointments:

Monday, Wednesday, and  Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.