Physio-synthesis: What's In A Name?

Physio-synthesis is a strange name, I know.  Created back in 1937, it was defined as:

"A name chosen to define a method of applying the laws of physics to the human body.

This method is made effective by training and developing the muscular and ligamentous systems in the inherent functions of coordinated movement and synchronized passivity in such a manner as to enable the body, in action or at rest, to maintain a proper relationship to the law of gravitation." ~ Dr. Amy Cochran

Okay.  How would we translate that to our present century and language?  After many years of teaching and developing in this technique, I would offer this:

"Physio-synthesis is a postural technique which, when learned and practiced over time, enables one to be properly aligned whether moving or at rest."

I hope this is a bit easier to understand!

Why Is Posture Important, Anyway?

Most of my clients find me as a result of physical pain.  Not many people seek out a practitioner for better posture,often equating it with old memories of throwing shoulders back and chins out in gym class.  However, posture is everything, especially noticeable when one hurts.

We are an organic system composed of bones, ligaments, connective tissue, and lots of muscles. As long as we draw breath, we are changing.  It is our job to encourage growth and vitality rather than become stunted and exhausted over the years.

We have the innate ability to correct even lifelong patterns of imbalance in posture.  We suffer when our structure is out of balance.  Sadly, the misalignment usually worsens with time, as does the pain, unless correction is introduced.


Why This Technique?

There is a plethora of exercise and disciplines designed to create sexy, defined outer musculature.  But, what about those muscles lying underneath?

These are small, quiet, easily ignored muscles.  They are responsible for one's sense of balance, energy, and deep alignment.  We've all seen what happens over time when the deepermusculature is ignored:  Slumping, shuffling, pain, leaning, stiffness, oh, you name it.  We can, in fact, live much healthier lives and physio-synthesis is in that mix.

We now know that our mental/emotional state is intimately connected to our physical state, with the one influencing the other in a continual loop.  When we feel tired and worn out, slumping and grumpy, our posture reflects this.  When we feel angry and inflamed, our posture reflects this.  By training ourselves in deep strengthening and alignment, we can positively influence these feelings.  Just as it's more difficult to be sad when smiling, it is much harder to be miserable when posture is creating a sense of well-being.

Come on In!

So, let's recap:  Strength and balance regained.  Pain addressed.  Emotional and mental status more positive.

I invite you to give me a call!