The Control Panel

The beauty of chiropractic lives in the idea that by restoring the flow of energy moving throughout the body, a normal sense of well being is promoted.  In this state, we are able to express our own unique design.  You can see that this model, what we call "the big picture," includes a person's whole life experience. 

The question arises:  How can we help each other become more fully alive?  I think we can do this in many ways.  In our  office, we borrow from many sources, including the Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine.  In this design, meridians are used to evaluate areas of imbalance and various practices are recommended to restore integrity.  For example, the liver and gallbladder are associated with the Wood Element.  The emotional component of Wood is anger and resentment, and the practice used to balance this (the Virtue) is forgiveness.  The practice of forgiveness works to reshape deeply seated feelings of helplessness and victimization, thereby reducing chronically elevated levels of cortisol and other inflammatory chemicals that contribute to pain and degeneration.  We can then powerfully influence our way of experiencing ourselves, others, and our world.  This is our built-in control panel.