Why the World Needs Chiropractic

   The world needs chiropractic today because it needs men and women who offer an alternative to drugs and surgery.  In the past, the world needed practitioners who were willing to fight and even go to jail for the right to practice conservative approaches to health care.  Today's revolution in health care has been carried on the shoulders of those people.

   The world needs chiropractic  because bodies need to be touched, bones repositioned, and muscles relaxed. The world needs chiropractic because it needs doctors who witness and chart the day to day miracles that simple non-invasive approaches to health problems can yield.  Without this, who would remember such healing is possible?  The world needs chiropractic because it needs practitioners who can remind us that lifestyle changes can come first, with conservative interventions second, and drugs or surgery third.  Without those practitioners to remind us of that, where would we be?

   The world needs chiropractic because it is sane.  If a patient has been prescribed a course of treatment including pharmaceuticals (with their side effects) or surgery, and the chiropractor recommends a more conservative approach with a positive outcome, that patient has been brought into a whole new level of self-empowerment.  He now recognizes he can maintain a level of wellness through his own lifestyle choices.

   The world needs chiropractic because it needs doctors networking with other health care practitioners who believe that less is more, that "First, do no harm" is still...first.

   Finally, the world needs chiropractic because, as long as there are nerves, bones, joints and muscles, there will be a need for people skilled in helping them function optimally.  As one of the oldest forms of healing, there has always been the need for such an approach, and there always will be.