The Spirituality of Healing

The essential tenet of chiropractic is Innate Intelligence.  What this means is that the urge to heal resides in all sentient beings. As chiropractors, our primary focus is on the removal of blockages along the spine that impede the flow of this intelligence throughout the body. In turn, the universal energy field (the world outside the body) flows freely through the body's intelligence like breath through a flute. This ensures that the evolutionary process encoded into each person can be fully realized.  Such is the spiritual dimension of healing.

We can look at life as a series of cycles.  One model connects birth/spring, childhood/summer, adulthood/fall and old age/winter. Looking at this, we can easily appreciate that nature sustains us for a period of time, and then we return "from whence we came." During our lives, we lobby for good health and a long lifetime, sometimes having to rely on the good graces of genes to carry us through and sometimes needing the skilled services of modern medical personnel. It's all the same thing, though ~ the desire that this life be preserved in good stead for a long as possible.

Since we are an expression of the universe (a wave) within the greater universe as a whole (the ocean), it is important to consider our place in it all. What kind of wave am I? Again, this is the spiritual direction of healing in that it is a mystery, with unknown origins. Within this is the intelligence that created life and is working through it. Human consciousness is imbued with the potential to interact with our deeper design and work with that to heal ourselves and others. The recognition that we are not separate from the source o all things and are, at the deepest part of ourselves the same as this vast mystery, speaks to the spiritual aspect of healing: we are a part of a whole that wants us to  join in its wholeness and express the gifts  that are unique to our place in it.