Put Your Fears to Rest

I thought I'd revisit a subject that comes up in chiropractic offices now and then.  Let's clear the air about osseous adjusting:

A scary conversation revolves around the potential for strokes as a result of cervical, or neck, adjusting. A remote possibility of creating an arterial tear that could cause blood clotting and stroke is at the root of the concern.

Interestingly, I did dig up some numbers to illustrate the actual statistical danger of cervical adjusting.  For your consideration, there is the potential for a stroke-related death resulting from cervical adjusting of 1 in 1 million people.  What about other approaches to neck pain?

Stroke-related deaths from NSAIDS (nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen) = 153 per 1 million people.

Stroke-related deaths from narcotic drugs = 53 per 1 million people.

Stroke-related deaths from cervical spinal surgery = 500 deaths per 1 million people.

Kind of amazing numbers, aren't they?  I won't belabor the point, but I will say this:  It is very clear that chiropractic is nothing to be scared of.