Body Speak ~

Body Speak

Our bodies speak in countless ways. From the more obvious use of spoken language, to the subtle feelings and emotions that emerge through gesture, we express ourselves.  One of the least discussed, yet most important languages, is posture.


Peruse your favorite comic for a moment.  Notice how much of the cartoon's expression is through exaggerated  posture.  From the puffed-up chest of pride to the hangdog slump of depression, a good cartoonist uses the language of posture to get his or her message across.


An interesting element of posture is how it loops with emotions and feelings.  Fatigue and sadness introduce a slumping, shoulders and head forward.  Anger encourages a leaping to the feet, hands clenched.  Joy creates a sense of lightness,  an ebullience.  Every single feeling has a postural component.


The posture then loops back into the feeling.  When one is tired or sad and slumping, that posture neurologically creates more fatigue and sadness.  If one jumps up in anger, the body goes into fight or flight patterns and the anger grows. When one feels joyful, expressing it in expansive gestures or laughter creates more joy.


Physio-synthesis was created as a postural technique of physical correction.  It works with pain and chronicity, inflammation and illness.  After many years teaching and practicing this work, I cannot emphasize enough how effective it is  with balancing emotions as well.


With growing postural strength and awareness comes a sense of evenness.  By practicing balance, one can catch thosethose less-than-desirable emotions, and gently rewire them.  By correcting the accompanying unhealthy postures, we can actually assist in our profound sense of well being.  Amazing, really, that we can be so gracious with ourselves by standing tall from the inside out.


Who knew that balanced posture could make you feel so much better?


Your grandmother was right.